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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Thank God It Was Fantastic Friday -Burning Flames Reunion

Now that I’ve had the chance to recover from the sheer epicness that was the Burning Flames reunion on Friday 17th July 2015, I can come tell you all about it. Like so many of my contemporaries from Antigua Barbuda I grew up listening to Burning Flames.I vividly remember being hoisted high above the crowd at Jampond by my godfather, and naively explaining to my perturbed mother why at eight years old I should be allowed to sing “if you get what you want tonight, will you remember me tomorrow”.

As for this recap, firstly- OHMERGERDDD! I can scarcely believe that I actually saw Onyan, Oungku, Krokus and Fox on the same stage. With their instruments. Performing! Yea,it actually happened unlike *cough* the last time dem bluff ahwe.

Fantastic Four reunited on stage

YASCO was full, and I mean full, people pack up lakka sardine inna tin can. The atmosphere was literally crackling with energy from the audience’s anticipation. Everyone, including me, was in high spirits.

Although I missed it, the  the ball was set rolling with a performance by Revo Band. Other acts to follow included WCK, Baby Eve and Barbuda’s reigning soca monarch.

Then it was time for the Fantastic Four to finally reunite and collectively grace the stage. It was as if nothing had changed. Krokus looked like he had borrowed Goldilocks' dress, and Oungku was channeling Elvis Presley. They performed hit after hit after hit, to the delight of a captivated crowd.

The show really started for me with the tributes. Accompanying the Fab Four on stage performing one song a piece were; MNM Music, Ricardo Drue, Tian Winter, Claudette Peters, Tizzy, as well as Ezzy Ratigan and Jr. Rampler, sons of founding Flames member Krokus.Every performer expressed that the Burning Flames were a big influence on them musically, and what a great honour it was to pay them tribute. 

Another highlight of the evening for me was when I was given the opportunity to briefly interview some of the artists that helped make the night memorable.

Press play to listen, and read the text from the interviews below.


Introspection 268: We’re here at the Fantastic Four, Burning Flames Reunion. How does it feel to be performing at a concert in tribute to the great Burning Flames?

WCK: First of all I think it’s a fantastic show, fantastic event, fantastic venue. The crowd is crazy. I haven’t been to a big show like this in Antigua. I think it’s one of the biggest shows. I feel special to be a part of that show. I say we ought to give respect to the Burning Flames, they do some good work and I can see the respect coming back to them.

Introspection 268: Have the Burning Flames influenced your music at all?

Yes, big time because I practically growed [sic] up listening to Burning Flames, as a little boy growing up listening to Workey. That’s one of my favourite songs. I took a part of it because it’s a part of me. We blend everything together, and we create bouyon music.

The Governor:

Introspection 268: How does it feel to be on the same stage as Burning Flames?

The Governor: It’s an honour for me and a joy. Growing up listening to these guys and finally getting to perform on the same stage that these guys are performing on. You know, it can’t be better than this. I love it, and anything to support the incredible, fantastic four. It’s a pleasure and joy to do it from my heart.

Introspection 268:What’s your favourite Burning Flames song?
*sings* If you get what you want tonight will you remember me tomorrow? That one there that’s my favourite Burning Flames. That’s my favourite song man. I always listen (to) that one there. That’s the one, that’s the one for me.
MNM Music:

Introspection 268: You shared with me in the past that Burning Flames was one of your musical influences. So how does it feel to share the stage with them tonight?

Melo: Crazy, crazy, crazy moment. Words can’t explain. It’s something that we thought about growing up, when we became artists to share a stage with Burning Flames and it’s happening right now so...

Boasta: Excited! Trust me, it’s a wonderful feeling. Word’s can’t explain, legends in the building and MNM Music sharing the same stage? We live to dream about that and it came to reality now, so we just gotta give thanks for that.

Menace:It’s definitely an honourary moment. It’s just an honourary moment. It’s a historic moment too, so it’s a good one.

Introspection 268: What’s your favourite Burning Flames Song?

Boasta:I have so many favourites, that I just can’t remember one. I’m gonna say Knuckle. Mad!

Melo: Same, same. Hard, hard, hard. I'm gonna say, Workey Juantanamera, Bicycle. I dunno, it’s hard. Juantanamera...that’s the song we’re gonna perform tonight so I’ll go with that one.

I'm not going to lie to you. If you missed the show, you really did miss out. Not to worry though, you can head on over to the Rogers Radio Caribbean Facebook page, and view their Fantastic Four album, for a full visual on all the highlights of the evening...and of course, there's this:

Introspection 268. Like. Follow. Share.
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