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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Endless Summer

Summer cyah done. Kes was right.

I mean sure, the earth can revolve around the sun the requisite number of times, and in places where temperature is dictated by seasons, there will be noticeable chill in the air, but that doesn’t mean summer ends. The spirit of summer is always tucked away in the hearts and minds of students looking forward to months of freedom, people with wanderlust that seek new adventures and men who yearn for shrinking hemlines.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Party Monarch Central

I’m not a super feter and I definitely don’t come out to play mas, but when it comes to Soca Monarch I am gladly up front and center. The friendly rivalry, and the high quality of a fair share of the competition songs made this year’s competition both highly anticipated and the winner(s) tough to accurately predict.

Jumpy Monarch and First Runner Up Groovy
Image Credit: Rogers Radio Caribbean
I’ve pretty much been on team Drue, ever since the first time I heard ‘Like Glue’, so it’s not surprising that I was gunning for him to hold on to his jumpy crown and capture the groovy.  He declared war, went into battle against other crowd favourites Claudette, Tian and the entire MnM crew, and as the dust settled he emerged to reign victorious as our Jumpy Monarch once more. Ever the diplomat, the monarch congratulated Claudette ‘CP’ Peters, our newly installed Groovy monarch, who he refers to as his big sister. He’s ecstatic about retaining his crown and has plans to continue representing for Antigua Barbuda and complete the Welcome to the Nation tour.