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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Reddddd Eyeeee

If we take Joseph ‘Jojo’ Apparicio, Red Eye 10 promoter at his word the fete is going to be quite a show this year.  He expressed appreciation for yester year when the crowd was more intimate, had less police restriction and jammed with the Burning Flames until well after sunrise. Jojo credited much of the growth of the event to Chalita Rose and Zack Hazim. It’s a little known that the original intended location for the fete was Valley Church beach; chosen so that patrons could fete till they falling down (see what I did there) and take a dip in the ocean at sunrise. That vision never came to pass, but the team is pleased with the product they’ve produced today.

 In commemoration of the tenth year of Red Eye the Marketing Machine has added several finishing touches. One of the main improvements this year is the Blacklist VIP- complete with a soup station, finger foods, drinks and *insert drumroll here* the chance to rub shoulders with headliners like CP The Diva, The Winter Man, Ricardo Drue, Farmer Nappy, Skinny Fabulous, Imani and Kes The Band.

They aim to start on Antigua people time)ON TIME,  with fireworks and English Harbour ten year old rum at midnight, appearances from all six local artists who first performed on the show, including Onyan, Tizzy, Bankers and Vision Band and most importantly the introduction of the Red Eye Hall of Fame. The first honouree is Claudette ‘CP’ Peters who has performed on all previous Red Eye fetes.

Image credit: The Marketing Machine

One of the reigning Jumpy Monarch Ricardo Drue’s most prized experiences was at Red Eye 2012 where he performed his smash hit Superman; he refers to it as "the first year he came out into Antigua and received a crazy amount of love from the people in terms of performance and interaction". He encourages all the feters to come out on the night of the show. If you think you have local artist fatigue don’t worry about that, he assures us that he and the ladies of the nation plan to deliver an amazing set with new dance routines and crazy energy.

Ricardo Drue performing his 2015 hit- Professional

Reminiscing on his first time in Antigua Kees Dieffenthaller, vocalist of Kes The Band remarked “Antigua was the first place I ever sang on a truck- ever. Probably in 2002 …years ago. I was in another band too. I will always have a special place for Antigua, because it was one of the first few places I’ve ever visited outside of Trinidad. I still think Antigua has not seen as much of Kes The Band. Antigua hasn’t gotten a grip of who we are, so all of these things I think are important. I’m glad that we’re on the bill for Red Eye. Red Eye is a really big show; everyone can really get a good vibe of who we are. I’m looking forward to it.”

Adding to Jojo’s remarks Kees says we can expect “a lot of energy. We have a new catalog as well. Over the years since you last saw us to now we really have had a lot more songs, we have grown as a band and musically, so expect that energy and professionalism. We’re just gonna bring it. I say if you not at Red Eye you not anywhere… come to Red Eye, come out and have a good time, we’re going to be bringing that good energy and good vibes, we want to party, so if you want to party with us come out.”

Kees Dieffenthaller lead vocalist and headliner- Kes The Band

V.I. artist Pumpa, who was in attendance at the Red Eye 10 pre-show says he finds Antiguans to be appreciative of music, and he wants to establish a relationship with us so that we can put a name to his hits. Who knows, he just may make a cameo appearance tonight.

Pumpa wants the ladies to tell him how 'di ting' feeling

So, peeps Red Eye 10, tonight at 9:00 at the Antigua Recreation Grounds. If you want a taste of what’s to come, check out the pics from Thursday night’s pre-show on my Facebook page here.

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