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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Claudette 'CP' Peters- She's Exceptional

Hey! Come here, come closer. Claudette Peters has something she wants to tell you. She’s a brand new Diva this year. At a media launch held on Thursday June 11th at Heritage Hotel CP unveiled her bold new logo, the #SocaArmy Movement and her band’s new name- Xceptional to an audience of government officials, soca artists, promoters, djs and fans. 

Addressing the need for re-branding efforts Claudette says “We have a new approach, especially seeing that social media is so massive right now. We want to make sure that we are heard, we want to make sure that we are seen. It’s the Diva, now we have to put the name to the face. It’s a name change because we have to put the music in the ears of the people along with the name. We 'wanna’ make sure that we are heard and seen not only in Antigua Barbuda, not only for carnival but carnival is definitely the start.” Fans can expect an increased presence on social media where they can interact with the Diva via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as her soon to be launched website

The #SocaArmy is a movement lead by Claudette to unite soca lovers everywhere. Branded items such as bottles, shirts and rags will be made available for purchase.

As for the shift from Taxik to Xceptional, the original Taxik members are no longer in the industry alongside CP. Her new band comprises of; Juste Prebble Manager and Sample Technician, Kemba Browne and Travis Williams on keyboard, Adjani Williams on lead guitar, Craig Daley on bass guitar, Manuel Pena Lugo,and Bruce ‘Supa Dymond’ Bartley engineer. The name Xceptional was chosen to represent the level of artistry and vision of the new members.

The Diva has several releases for the current season, she says “we try to make sure that we release early because we want to make sure that when you’re out at a party and the artist is on stage that there is a song that you know that you actually can sing word for word. It is the point of releasing early and we are happy to see that we have accomplished that.”
Of her several popular tunes Claudette will be contesting the Groovy Monarch crown with ‘Nasty’ and the Party Monarch with ‘Exceptional’. She is also considering making a bid for the Calypso Monarch crown, and is a registered contender.

 The once three peat crown winner says “We try our best not to put on the same show at every fete, because we know Antigua (is)small, everybody probably goes to the same shows. We want to make sure that there is a breath of fresh air at every performance.” Fans can see CP and Xceptional tonight at Stage The Boss edition as well as Blue Jeans, Power Rumble, L.O.L , Wet Fete, and in St. Marteen at Fete Dala Muzic .

CP flanked by Hon. Chet Greene Minister of Culture and National Festivals,and Cliff Williams

CP and Xceptional pictured with Hon. Chet Greene, Cliff Williams, Sayed Greene and MnM Music

CP sharing a light moment with Melo and Menace of MnM Music

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